How to insert or display last saved timestamp on worksheet in Excel?

Source: How to insert or display a last saved timestamp in an Excel worksheet?

Learn how to auto insert a last saved time stamp into your excel spreadsheet .

After 10 years running a small business in the Property and Financial services sector I came to the point where I needed to re-tame the beast.

Knowledge is power as they say and access to fast reporting information is essential.

A major management level task for me in 2017 was creating both personal and business excel dashboards hat allow me to debunk the complexity of managing several businesses as well as a normal life.

Excel Dashboards for business management.

I needed an excel dashboard to visually alert me to update the bank transactions in my company accounts spread sheet.

I needed Excel to auto insert a timestamp, then I used conditional formatting to colour code the latest dates.

Future Articles

I’ll be writing more about my small business excel dashboard in the future.


Click the image  to learn how to auto insert a last saved timestamp in an excel worksheet


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